Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a contactless online move-in rental?

Storage Xtra offers a complete contactless move-in experience through our website. With the Noke Smart Entry system, you won’t even have to touch the keypad to enter the facility.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract or lease?

Storage Xtra contracts are month-to-month and automatically renew on the first of each month. Once you provide a 10-day notice to vacate and move out, the contract will expire at the end of that month.

What requirements do I need to rent a storage?

You will need a copy of your driver’s license and proof of your insurance coverage, if available.

How long will you hold my reservation and how far in advance can I book it?

Storage Xtra will hold a reservation up to 5 days after your expected move-in date.

How do I access my unit after completing Online Move-In?

Directions will be sent to you via email for online move-in. Check your email for instructions. If you didn’t receive them, check your Storage Xtra Online Account for a copy of emails sent to you. Still haven’t received it? Contact the facility manager during office hours for further instructions.

What are the benefits of a climate-controlled storage and do I need one?

Climate-controlled storage units are located inside a building where the temperature and humidity is managed. This means, that the temperature within the climate control building is like the average temperature in a home. With a climate-controlled space your items won’t be exposed to the changes in temperature and humidity like the outside. These changes can cause serious damage to your items. Climate control units are also cleaner, think of it like storing something in your garage vs. a closet in your home.

Do I need insurance to rent storage at Storage Xtra?

Insurance is required to rent at Storage Xtra. For your convenience and peace of mind, we offer the most affordable self-storage insurance available with Safestor. If your homeowners or renters’ insurance covers your storage unit, just submit proof of your insurance at the time of move-in. If you don’t have your insurance paperwork available, you will be automatically enrolled in the SafeStor insurance program.

What security features are in place at Storage Xtra?

Storage Xtra utilizes over 50 High-Resolution security cameras strategically positioned around the property to monitor activity and individual access codes for each renter to enter and exit the property. For added security, 24-hour access is not available at this property. Premium units have additional security features integrated into the Noke’ lock. More information on Noke’ locks’ additional security features can be found on the Noke’ page of the website. https://noke.com

What is the difference between Premium and Standard units?

Premium units offer; Nokē™ Keyless locks controlled by your phone, extended access hours, premium locations and multiple added security features through the Nokē™ Smart Entry system.

What is the Nokē™ Smart Entry Lock System?

The Nokē™ Smart Entry system is a cloud-based digital key management solution, designed specifically for the self-storage industry, that allows tenants entry to a facility and its units using a smart phone and do not require a key to enter the unit. This electronic lock comes with a feature-rich Storage Smart Entry phone App, with notification options for operators, managers, and tenants. Noke offers additional security with the motion detections system that comes standard with the bluetooth access control. The Noke App is available in any language.

Can I bring my own lock to put on my unit?

No, you won’t need to bring a lock with you. Storage Xtra provides two different lock options for your convenience. 1. Noke’ Lock – This keyless lock uses Bluetooth technology to manage access to your storage unit. 2. Cylinder Lock – which is included in your set up package located inside your unit.

What is the difference between storage access hours and office hours?

Is there a way to get special access hours? Storage access hours are the hours when the storage facility is fully accessible to you. Those hours can vary based on your unit selection, our premium units offer extended hours. Meanwhile, office hours are the hours that a staff member is on-site to assist you with your storage needs.

What happens if I forget my access code?

If you forgot your access code, please log in to your Storage Xtra Online account. It will be located on your contract, near the top, next to the unit number. You are always welcome to come in during office hours to show proper documentation to access it.

How do I pay my storage bill?

Customers have several options to pay for their storage space. Pay thru the Smart Entry App, online, or in person. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. You can also setup auto pay, in person during office hours or online at storagextraonline.com. Storage Xtra does not accept any cash.

How do I set up auto pay for my storage space?

You can set up auto pay by logging in to your Storage Xtra Online account or in person during office hours.

What happens if my payment is late?

If rent is not paid by the 1st of the month, access through the gate will be denied. After the 5th a $20 late fee will be assessed to your account. If payment is not made before the 20th other fees will apply. To prevent any late fee we encourage you to enroll in monthly autopay and never be late again.

What type of carts are available during move-in?

We offer courtesy moving carts at our storage facility. They are free to use for all customers. Courtesy carts are located at the entry door for each building. We ask that customers return carts upon using them so that all customers can enjoy this benefit.

What items am I not allowed in my storage unit?

Storage Xtra does not allow the storage of food, drugs, vehicles not in working order, any hazardous materials, illegal goods, ammunition, anything that’s flammable or combustible items (i.e., gas, propane tanks, car batteries), priceless/irreplaceable items or the use of moth balls.

Can I use the onsite dumpster?

Storage Xtra tenants may use the dumpster for incidental moving trash. Boxes must be broken down. No large items, appliances or furniture is allowed and nothing can be left outside the dumpster. A fine will be applied to your unit for failure to comply. We accept your clean, broken-down boxes during office hours, to up-cycle for other customer use. Please see manager on site for details.

What is the process when I am ready to move-out?

Fill out a move out notice online or in person during office hours 10 days prior to your move out date. On the day you are ready to move-out, ensure that your unit is broom clean and all belongings have been cleared out to avoid any cleaning fees. You must remove the lock from your unit as well. Please notify staff that you are moving out to avoid getting billed. Can the store manager receive packages for my storage at your location? Storage Xtra is happy to accept your deliveries in the office. We will hold packages at the office for 72 hours.

Do you pest control?

Storage Xtra contracts with a local extermination company to provide a comprehensive pest control plan.